Gluten Free recipes typically call for several types of flour and hard to find ingredients. You may find that baking gluten free is difficult at first, often with less than satisfying results the first time.

We here at Montana GF Naked Oats have created an Oat Flour Blend (OFB) that is versatile enough to use in any gluten recipe that calls for gluten flour. This means you can go to your favorite gluten cook book (I like Betty Crocker’s Cook book 1972) or online, pick a recipe, substitute our OFB for the flour in the recipe (one for one).

Remember the first attempt will be a test. The second attempt should turn out better than the first because you tweaked the recipe. Another thing to remember, when you are tweaking recipes, change only one ingredient at a time.

If you have questions call Larry at 888-275-0003.

I did my first pie crust using the recipe below and I had my first minced meat pie for Thanksgiving in 12 years.

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Butter Pie Crust Recipe … Coming Soon…

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