How long will Expandex last?
Not as long as Twinkies but if you keep it dry it will last a minimum of a year.
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How much Expandex should I use in a baking recipe?
The makers of Expandex recommend the following:
1. To increase expansion on your rice based bread products remove 3/4 cup of rice flour and add 1 cup of Expandex.
2. To increase strength and flexibility on your bean flour based bread recipes, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Expandex.
Remember that any time you introduce a new ingredient into you recipes it might change the outcome of the end product.
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What kind of mixer should I have to make Gluten Free baked goods?
I recommend a stand mixer. I use a Kitchen Aid.
What else should I have?
A good oven thermometer. We have found that when the pre heat buzzer goes off that the oven temp is sometimes 100 degrees less than the target temp that you set it at.
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