This story begins in an experimental gluten free oat field near Montana State University. Under the watchful eye of, Professor of Plant Pathology, Dr. David Sands, Montana GF Naked Oats was born. The goal was to produce a more nutritious gluten free grain to better nourish the rapidly growing gluten free community. After 8 years in the experimental field, the protein of the Avena nuda L. oat (doing it the old fashion way by trial and error) was increased.

Dr. Sands then brought together a few Montana farmers including Dean Miller to grow this high protein oat in their gluten free fields here in Montana. These dedicated farmers were diligent in their efforts to avoid cross contamination. During the growing season, these farmers continuously walk the fields looking for any gluten containing plants. Because the Gluten Free Naked Oats were selected to grow shorter than other gluten bearing grains, the volunteer gluten bearing plants are easier to

Always mindful of our gluten free community, our clean Gluten Free (GF) equipment harvests the oats which are then transported via our GF trucks to our GF mill. Unlike their fully hulled counterparts, our Naked Oats are never soaked or steamed. Because the Naked Oats are “hull less”, they are “cold rolled” maintaining all the essential nutrients. Finally the oats are either cold rolled for oat meal or toasted and turned into oat flour using completely gluten free equipment.

In 2009, Larry Neville, a Celiac, started creating mixes featuring the GF Naked Oat. Larry’s efforts have currently yielded 5 GF mixes (Naked Oat Bread mix, Brownie mix, Pumpkin Spice Muffin mix, Lemon Bar Crust mix, Pizza Crust mix), and an Oat Flour Blend (which can be substituted one for one in most gluten recipes requiring flour.)

Today we are proud that the fruits of our efforts are ready for you to enjoy.

We are looking forward to becoming part of your lives.

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