Gluten Aware!

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Okay. So for whatever reason, you either choose to, or have to eliminate gluten from your diet. So one of the first things you should probably do is become aware of the foods that contain gluten, and also the tricky names that gluten is hiding under. I would like to recommend a tool I use every time I go shopping. It is an app for your smart phone or tablet called Fooducate. It is an inexpensive tool to download and will really help you avoid gluten. When you have downloaded the app, it has a health tracker questioner and it will ask you what you are trying to avoid, like GMO’s , Gluten, etc. Be sure to check off gluten. The app has a bar code scanner so you can scan almost any food product to find out if it contains gluten. If they do not have the product registered, they ask you to take three photos of the item. The front of the package, the nutritional label, and any other identifiers. Then usually with in two days, they email you a notification that the product has been registered into the system. The more people use it, the smarter and more complete the system becomes. If your item is not listed, it will suggest alternatives. Its a win win to help you make great gluten free choices.

By Jena Nash Reno